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The establishment of ongoing campus policies is the responsibility of the President's Cabinet and approved by the Campus Governance Council.  CVCC has implemented these policies to ensure fairness, compliance, and inclusion for all students. These policies pertain to a variety of important matters listed in this section.

Students are expected to comply with these policies while on CVCC campus property.  Any questions regarding these policies can be directed to the office of Academic & Student Affairs.

Conflict of Interest

According to Virginia Law § 2.2-3103(4), (5), employees of Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) may not accept any money, loan, gift, favor, or any other thing of value that could tend to influence their work and the decisions that would influence them in the performance of their official duties.

According to Virginia Law § 2.2-3103(8), employees of CVCC cannot accept a gift from a person having interests that will be substantially affected by the performance of the officer’s or employee’s official duties where the timing and the nature of the gift would cause a reasonable person to question the impartiality of the officer or employee in the matter affecting the donor. NOTE: The Conflict Act does not state a time period. The employee must examine the timing of each gift on a case-by-case basis.

According to Virginia Law § 2.2-3103(9), employees of CVCC may not accept gifts from sources on so frequent a basis that it would create the appearance of use of their public offices for private gain. For example, an employee in the Attorney General’s Office that works on the selection of outside counsel (private law firms) may not routinely accept a series of gifts, such as gift baskets or paid dinners, from a particular law firm that creates an appearance that such employee’s selection process is influenced by the gifts.

For more information visit: Virginia Conflict of Interest laws