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Facilities Management

Welcome to Facilities

The Facilities Department is here to support the overall mission of the college by providing a safe, functional, and clean environment for students, staff, and employees that come here to learn or to work. The Facilities Department is responsible for maintaining 12 on-site campus buildings and, 140 acres of grounds on the main campus, and supports three off-site facilities. The Facilities Department serves the needs of over 1,100 students and over 175 faculty & staff; and supports Central Virginia Community College in maintaining its sustainability initiative.

Ask your Department Admin to send, or call in a request to Facilities if you need any of the following: 

  • PPE or Instructional Supplies  
  • Mail pickup or delivery 
  • Fleet car usage 
  • Furniture orders, replacement, repair, or removal 
  • Event Booking and Setups 
  • Workorders to repair, replace or paint, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical issues 
  • Custodial concerns / needs, including cleaning, trash, or recycling 
  • ADA issues or concerns 
  • Parking lot or issues on the grounds 
  • Safety issues or concerns 
  • Stormwater Plan and Documentation - MS4 

Facilities Contact Info: 

Jennifer Dowdy – Office and Administrative Supervisor – – (434) 832-7735
Linda Roberts – Administrative Assistant – – (434) 832-7736
Teri Brothers – Facilities Procurement / Contracts / Project Coordinator – (434) 832-7737
Chris Hines – Facilities Supervisor – – (434) 832-7740
John Rocha Jr. – Facilities Manager – – (434) 832-7725 

CVCC is required to follow State Regulated Guidelines that are enforced by the Department of Environmental Quality on how it treats illicit discharges or can stop possible pollutants from entering into our campus stormwater system. These rules and guidelines fall into our program known as MS4, which stands for Multiple Separate Storm Sewer System. The following documentation is required to be posted on our website as part of our MS4 program.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

An illicit discharge is defined as any discharge into a storm drain that is not composed entirely of stormwater. The MS4 program at Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) strives to address public and individual concerns on stormwater impacts and encourages the community's contribution regarding illicit discharges. The discovery and reporting of possible hazardous runoff conditions is essential to the reduction of pollutants in local waterways. In order to detect and eliminate both direct and indirect illicit discharges, CVCC has developed an Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Program, which relies strongly on regular inspections and public input. If you would like to report possible or suspected illicit discharges, please email or call Facilities Management at (434) 832-7736.

For more information, refer to the EPA's factsheet on Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination.

Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) is required to develop, implement and enforce a program to reduce the discharge of pollutants associated with construction activity into their municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4). Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) and Stormwater Management (SWM) Programs are integral components of all design, construction maintenance, and management of facilities. Public concern and input associated with runoff from construction activity is received by email at or by calling the Facilities Management at (434) 832-7736.

For more information, refer to the EPA's factsheet on Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control.

Contact Facilities

For questions relating to the MS4 Program, email Facilities at