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Outstanding Faculty

The most important thing a faculty member can do is teach and engage with students.


The Outstanding Faculty Award is the most prestigious award that a faculty member can receive at CVCC. Being an outstanding faculty member involves many things:

  1. Service to the college in committee work, college governance, and the life of the college
  2. Service to the profession by participation in professional associations, researching, and writing articles
  3. Professional development related to teaching in general outside of the area of expertise
  4. Service to the community through volunteer work and community involvement

However, as stated above, teaching and engaging with students is most important.


The faculty member selected must:

  • Be full-time
  • Have taught at CVCC for a minimum of three years
  • Not have won this award in the past five years


Any CVCC employee or student may nominate. Faculty may not self-nominate.


The Outstanding Faculty Award will be given at the graduation ceremony by the president of the college. The award includes a special medallion to be worn at future graduation ceremonies, a plaque, and $1000.

Nomination procedures:

If you think some full time faculty member is deserving of this award, please nominate them by indicating in the form below what they do that makes them outstanding. The more information you provide, the better able the committee will be to make a decision.

Nominee Name
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