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Outstanding Adjunct Faculty

This award acknowledges outstanding service of any employee who has consistently excelled in his/her work.


This award will be based on an employee’s job performance, devotion to duty, and cooperation. The employee must

  • Must have completed a minimum of four semesters at CVCC as an adjunct instructor.
  • Must have received an “excellent” on the classroom visitation evaluations conducted by the Division Dean, Program Head, Department Head, or Program Coordinator during the first semester of teaching.
  • Must have overall satisfactory syllabus reviews as indicated on the syllabus review for the semester prior to nomination.

Adjuncts may be nominated based on any of the following criteria:

  1. Teaching effectiveness. This most important criterion can be broken down into further sub-categories that might include the following:
    1. Subject matter knowledge
    2. Classroom demeanor/presentation of material
    3. Fairness
    4. Compassion and/or the way he/she treats students
    5. Excellent course and instructor evaluations
    6. Developing/revising assessments (tests, etc.) to better measure course learning objectives
  2. Increased utilization of instructional technology.
  3. Efforts to recruit and/or retain students.
  4. Updating and revising course materials in order to stay abreast of the latest developments in their teaching field.
  5. The instructor’s involvement in departmental meetings or activities, service on any ad hoc or standing committees; also the instructor’s community service.


All Adjuncts are eligible for this award regardless of their job classification and regardless of other awards received. A recipient would not be eligible again for five years after receiving the Outstanding Adjunct Award


Any CVCC employee or student may make nominations for this award.


$500 (3 Awards will be given)


  • The person making the nomination should provide as much detail as possible related to the listed criteria. Include all criteria that apply. Be specific why the accomplishment is exceptional in relation to normal job duties (if appropriate for award).
  • The Division Deans will form a special committee each year to select, by majority, the recipient. The committee will include the three division deans, a department head/chair of each division, one part-time staff, and a classified staff representative.
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