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IT Resources Acceptable Use Policy

Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) is one of 23 community colleges within the Commonwealth of Virginia that comprise the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). To meet its Information Technology (IT) requirements, CVCC uses a combination of IT resources.

Some of these resources are owned and managed by CVCC, independent of the VCCS, and others are owned and managed by the VCCS. The CVCC IT resources are used by thousands of users, and the VCCS IT resources are used by hundreds of thousands of users. Regardless of the resource owner, the unethical use of these resources by as little as one user can have a devastating impact on the entire system.

Therefore all users of CVCC and VCCS IT resources are required to comply with the terms of this policy.

This policy and the enforcement thereof, are independent of other legal statues that govern the use of IT resources (see the non-inclusive list of legal statues provided below).

State Law (Article 7.1 of Title 18.2 of the Code of Virginia) classifies damage to computer hardware or software (18.2-152.4), unauthorized examination (18.2-152.5), or unauthorized use (18.2-152.6) of computer systems as (misdemeanor) crimes. Computer fraud (18.2-152.3) and use of a computer as an instrument of forgery (18.2-152.14) can be felonies.