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Student Accessibility Services Interpreting

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter Services Guidelines

  • The earlier services are requested, the greater likelihood that providers will be available at the time requested
  • When registering for classes each semester, the student should:
    • Submit a Specific Request Form for Interpreting Services for the upcoming semester, with student’s schedule attached
    • Make an appointment for student and interpreter to sign their Letter of Accommodations
    • Submit a Specific Request Form to reserve an ADA Lab for each course test/exam for that semester, with syllabus attached 

Interpreter services are provided in consultation with the student and in consideration of several factors, including, but are not limited to:

  • Degree of hearing loss
  • Student's preferred method(s) of communication
  • Type of communication and language dictated by the situation
  • Setting including size, number of people, acoustics, lighting and technological access
  • Speaker's method of communication and/or use of media
  • Available resources to provide the service or the accommodation

Schedule Changes

  • If a student makes any changes in his/her schedule, he/she must fill out a new Specific Request Form
  • Changes made at the start of/or within the first weeks of classes will be subject to availability of qualified service providers


  • When the student is unable to be present at the beginning of a class that is to be interpreted, the student should make every effort to notify the SAS office, explaining they have been delayed but should arrive in "15 minutes"
  • When the student will be absent from class or arrives late, the interpreter will wait the following amount of time and then will leave:

15 minutes for a 1-hour class
20 minutes for a 1-1/2-hour class
25 minutes for a 2-hour class
30 minutes for a 3-hour class

  • If a student knows he/she will be late, he/she should call, email or text to request an extension of the above waiting periods
  • If it is before or after the office's hours, the student should text message the Interpreter on site to notify them of their estimated time of arrival (E.T.A)
  • Services are provided with the expectation that students will be present in class to receive them
  • If a student is absent from two (2) consecutive meetings of the same class without notification to SAS or the service provider, SAS staff will attempt to contact the student to discuss the situation. If the SAS staff is unsuccessful in contacting the student, services will be discontinued and suspended until the student meets with the ADA/504 Plan Coordinator 
  • E-mail communications will be conducted using the College E-mail service; however, Text Messaging to the SAS account from an outside source will be accepted when notifying attendance problems

Interpreter Agreement

  • Each semester before an interpreter can be provided; students must sign an Interpreter Agreement Form with SAS

Special Requests

  • With advance notice, and interpreter availability, the college will do it’s best to provide an interpreter for all college-related activities
  • The student must fill out a Specific Request Form at least three (3) business days in advance, of college related activities which may include Placement Testing, course testing, meeting with teachers, workshops, field trips, and guest speakers

Appeal Process

  • If the student wishes to appeal any decision made by Student Accessibility Services, he/she may submit a written appeal to the ADA/504 Plan Coordinator or the Dean of Student Services following the standard Discrimination Policy, listed in the college catalog

Interpreter No-Show for Classes

  • If the interpreter does not show up for a class, the student should go into the class and wait for five (5) minutes. If the interpreter does not arrive, the student should leave the classroom and ask the nearest Administrative Assistant to contact SAS. The student should then go back into the classroom
  • The SAS Department will try to locate an Interpreter for the class or request that notes are provided for that class if a peer note-taker is not already in place

Qualified Interpreters

  • Students have a right to a qualified interpreter
  • SAS  will hire Interpreters who have met VQAS standards or VCCS Policy
  • If a student feels his/her needs are not being met, he/she should contact the ADA/504 Plan Coordinator

Out of Class Testing

  • If the student's accommodation require an interpreter to interpret a test outside of the classroom, the student must reserve an ADA Lab, by completing the Specific Request Form, at least three to five (3-5) days prior to the scheduled test 

Interpreter's Role

  • The interpreter will sign everything that he/she hears and voice everything that the student signs in the manner which the student or speaker intended
  • Interpreters will not answer questions for the student
  • The student should direct all questions to the instructor
  • Interpreters will keep in confidence all information obtained while interpreting. (Exception: If a student is planning harm to himself/herself, others, or the college property, the interpreter will report this immediately to the SAS Department or Campus Police)
  • Interpreters will report attendance issues to SAS for follow-up with the student
  • The student and Interpreter should work with SAS to communicate scheduling changes in the event they are in transit to the campus but delayed, or unexpected illness prohibits their attendance
  • While the SAS Department does not expect or require reports on student's performance in classes, no shows involve services paid for, but not provided, therefore the ADA 504 Plan Coordinator needs to be informed of these occurrences as they occur


Students interested in interpreter services should contact the ADA/504 Plan Coordinator.