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On-Campus Dual Enrollment

On-campus Dual Enrollment is available for home-schooled and high school students who wish to earn college credit in courses that are not currently offered in their high school through Traditional Dual Enrollment. Students will take classes on campus at Central Virginia Community College.

Get Started

  1. Complete an online admission application. Upon submission, you will receive a CVCC Student ID Number. Please make note of this number for future use.
  2. Provide a high school transcript, standardized test scores, GPA, and projected high school graduation date.
  3. Home-schooled students must also provide the following:
    • A copy of the Home School Agreement approved by the School District for the current or upcoming academic school year or
    • A letter from the local school board for the current or upcoming academic school year
    • or A copy of your letter of intent to home school.
  4. Submit the high school Transcript and other documentation to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator for your area. Please include the CVCC Student ID.
  5. If a student is determined to be eligible for college classes, the Dual Enrollment Coordinator will contact you to complete the Dual Enrollment On Campus Registration Form. High school students are not permitted to self-enroll in classes.
  6. Once registered, students are responsible for all tuition, fees, and textbook costs. Payment must be made by the published deadline.