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Concurrent Enrollment

CVCC welcomes guest F-1 international students for part-time enrollment while active at another institution. Students must meet the following requirements to qualify for concurrent enrollment:

  • Be in good financial and academic standing with your current college/university.
  • Be in possession of current U.S. health insurance.
  • Demonstrate English proficiency with a grade of C or better in Freshman English.
  • Submit the Concurrent Enrollment Form signed by your current college/university International Student Advisor.
  • Provide a copy of your current I-20 and I-94.

Guest students may apply to enroll in classes by filling out an application for admission and fulfilling the above requirements. Transcript(s) may be requested demonstrating completion of prerequisite courses if necessary.

Please be aware that as an F-1 International student you are required to observe all rules and regulations governing your presence in the United States and that it is your responsibility to be aware of those regulations.