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Class Schedule

Welcome to the CVCC Online Class Schedule. Here you can view the entire class schedule for current terms. The listed information is updated daily and for reference purposes only. For “live” class schedule data with current enrollment capacities and enhanced class search functionality please view our live schedule webpage.   For information on applying to the college and enrolling in classes please visit our Start Here page, or call the Counseling department at 434.832.7800, Mon.-Fri. 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.

For detailed information about each course, use the new Class Search tool linked above.

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CLS # Class-Sec Course Title Cr Location Times(Days) Instructor
Respiratory Therapy (RTH)
43983 RTH  102-01H22 Integ Science for Resp Care II 3 Main Campus: 2407 8:00-9:15am (MW) Ayers
Second 8-week class. Hybrid - combines on-campus instruction and online instruction (using Canvas).
43975 RTH  131-03ML Respir Care Theory & Proc I 4 Main Campus: 2407 12:30-3:00pm (W) Ayers
43980 RTH  190-01OA Coordinated Internship 3 Off Campus Ayers
43986 RTH  223-01M11 Cardiopulmonary Science III 2 Main Campus: 2407 8:00-9:40am (TR) Ayers
First 8-week class.
43988 RTH  224-01M22 Integ Respir Therapy Skills 2 Main Campus: 2407 8:00-9:40am (TR) Ayers
Second 8-week class.
43990 RTH  236-01MA Critical Care Monitoring 3 Main Campus: 2407 9:50-10:40am (TR) Ayers
Students enrolling in this lecture section will automatically be enrolled in the lab (RTH 236-02ML).
43993 RTH  236-02ML Critical Care Monitoring 0 Main Campus: 2407 11:00-1:30pm (R) Ayers
51153 RTH  290-01OA Coordinated Internship 3 Off Campus Ayers